Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Sister Visit

This year we are all gathering at my sister Genell's house.

Who is we all?  My mom, sisters and I. There are 5 of us girls.

I really love my sisters.  We laugh a lot together. Until we get tired of each other, then we don't. :)  So week-end visits are nice. Short and sweet.

We started this thing at Becky's house - back when she lived in Olathe, KS. Then next year we had a family reunion, so the folowing year was in Iowa at my house. It fell over the 4th of July. Hot! Then to Claudia's in TX.  Right after she bought a new house.  That was so fun to see where she lived.

That brings us to now.  October 2013. Tucson, AZ. A place I have never been, I'm pretty sure. She has a lovey house. I get to sleep in Tyler's room. A room to myself. Ahhhhh. . .  Bliss.