Friday, April 16, 2010

Yesterdays Track Meet

Track and Field is one of my favorite sports to watch. Tori had a track meet yesterday in Newton.  It ended up being 63° and drizzly the entire 4 hours.... you know what?  I had a GREAT time!  Ü  I told Tori on the way home, "now -- if I had to be in the rain and 63° for 4 hours for anything else, I'd probably be a whiny crying baby".  LOL  

Well -- this is one of Tori's races... I'll share the fun with you.  She is running the third leg.  
Marissa, Laney, Tori, then Jenci.  A great relay team.  They ran together their 7th grade year too.  Their time was around 58 seconds... their goal -- set by their coach was 59.  YEAH!! 

2010 KNOXVILLE MS TRACK @ NEWTON, 4x100 from Jennifer J. on Vimeo.