Friday, April 23, 2010

Scentsy Basket Party

I have all of my bags of Basket Party Samples out right now -- so does anyone want to be next in line to have a Basket Party for me? (It's just like a catalog party).  I'll mail them to you too, if you think you are too far away.  A basket party is a pretty cool idea, if you ask me.  You can earn the same hostess rewards as you would a home party!  You get 80+ scents in a small carry around bag... to smell while looking at the catalog.  Really -- very cool idea.  °Ü°   Easy to take out and about. 

I have several things for you to remember.  RED CANDY APPLE scent is wonderful... 10% off in April.  E-mail if you'd like a sample.

NATURES HAVEN Full size Warmer of the month for May is going to be very popular.  I have a waiting to order list going already... 10% off in May.  I'll be making samples of the scent soon.  May's scent is Clarity - it's a lemony & herby smell - very fresh... e-mail if you would like to be on the list for receive these samples.  I'll have them ready by May 1st.

Lots of options.

May is a gift giving month -- with Mother's Day and Graduations and Weddings.  Just f.y.i.  Plug in Warmers are normally allowed in dorm rooms, same wattage as a night light... what a Scentsational gift THAT would be for a new Freshman in college.  Let me know if I can help you with gift giving. 

pst... Pass this on to your dear husbands or children if you would love some Scentsy for Mother's Day -- gift wrap included.

If you are local and aren't in the party mood -- but want to stock up on Scentsy with free shipping -- I'll be making a order for myself in May.  I'm getting ready for Farmer's Market in Knoxville.  Give me a hollar and I'll add your order in with mine.  I love free shipping!!  Don't you?

~*~ Jennifer Johnston ~*~
A Independent Scentsy Consultant