Thursday, December 3, 2009


I found a great deal for you.

CRAZY SHEEP is having a 15% off for the rest of your life deal.  What kind of coupon is THAT?  You'd better go check it out for yourself.

Crazy Sheep is just starting off and they are wanting to spread the word... that's what kind of a deal it is.  My kids LOVE these DVD's.  They are made by their uncle... but they are funny too.  And they get your mind to think.  That's the kind of DVD's I like.  °Ü°

So -- do you need a sample?  OK -- here is a sample

Another Sample?  You want another sample?  You sound like my kids at COSTCO... ok -- push the cart down the aisle and then back again and you can have another sample.  ::giggle::  I won't tell.

Another sample??? Go find your own.  LOL  They have more on their Web-Site.  Really -- you should check it out. 


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