Sunday, April 27, 2008

ISO: 2008 Curriculum

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Here is a list of things I am seeking out for school next year -- if you have any... or know of someone who is looking to get rid of some... I would be interested in buying.

(I love this time of year!)

What I did was list what I needed right off of the My Father's World web-site. I like most used curriculum should sell for LESS then new price. Ü Don't you?

Rome to the Reformation Teacher's Manual
$ 100.00

How The Bible Came to Us
$ 10.95

The Roman Empire
$ 7.95

Augustus Caesar's World
$ 17.95

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
$ 13.95

The Story of the World, Volume 2
$ 16.95

Medieval World
$ 14.95

Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History (Man alive... I used to own this book Loony) $ 21.00

The Human Body for Every Kid

$ 12.95

The Body Book
$ 18.95

First Encyclopedia of the Human Body
$ 9.95

The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made
$ 14.95

Exploring Creation with Astronomy
$ 29.95

The Bronze Bow - a powerful story of hatred and forgiveness that shows the struggles of the Jewish people at the time of Jesus.
$ 6.95 **Free from PaperBack Swap** Woo Hoo!!

Twice Freed - historical fiction set at the time of the apostle Paul.
$ 6.95

Dangerous Journey - the classic story of Pilgrim's Progress retold in a beautiful hard-back edition with full-page illustrations.
$ 24.00

Door in the Wall - a boy in the Middle Ages learns the meaning of the "open door that no one can shut" from Revelation 3:8 in this Newbery Award book.
$ 6.95

Starting Chess

Make This Model Medieval Castle
$ 9.95

Exploring Creation with General Science $74.00

Exploring Creation with General Science Daily Lesson Plans written by My Father's World $15

Exploring Creation with General Science Multimedia Companion CD $11.95

Saxon Math 8/7 3rd Edition Complete Package $134.50

Saxon Math 8/7 Homeschool Kit with Solutions Manual $84.50

Saxon Math 8/7 MFW Daily Lesson Plans $15.00

Saxon Math 8/7 DIVE CD $50

Primary Language Lessons (for Grades 2-3) $ 14.95

MFW 1st Grade Student Materials $50.00

Writing Strands Level 3 $ 20.00

Thanks for looking!

** RED means I found one. °Ü°