Monday, April 14, 2014

#642 Back of a Police Car

"Your Friend Calls to say she saw you in the back of a police car Yesterday. What happened?"

You know what?  If a friend asked me that recently - I would LAUGH OUT LOUD! Literally...  I wouldn't be surprised.

March 29 - a Saturday night - I was driving home from working at Casey's.  Late at night - it was dark.  I got pulled over by a police car.  Hmm....  It could be multiple things - as I was reading a text from my dear daughter and I had no idea how fast I was going.

It was neither - I had a bulb burned out on the license plate.  After not showing the kind police man my license and registration or insurance papers (as both papers were out of date, that were in the glove compartment), he gave me a verbal warning. I showed him my old ones and he scanned my name, and found me to be an upstanding citizen.  He took my word for it.  Plus they have it in the system that my insurance is up to date.  Whew...    I saw a man and woman walking straight lines on the highway after being released - I do believe they were on the look out for drunk or drugged drivers.  Me - I got nothing.  Whew!!

One week and a day later.  April  6, on my way to church no less... pulled over again, this time by a sheriff.  I was speeding.  "Did I know how fast I was going," he kindly asked?  Not a clue...  67 in a 55 zone.  Oh me... once again - no current papers to show the man - and this time - not even a valid driver's license as it was left as home.  He walks back to his car and I'm praying that the fine will not be $300 or even $500 as I've so recently heard others received.  Please, oh please, oh please..... 

Just a verbal warning and a thank you for wearing my seatbelt. 

WHAT IN THE WORLD!!?!!  Oh happy day - I sure did Praise the Lord on my way to church THAT week. 

So - if some one ever says they see me sitting in the back seat of a police car - I'd say, "Third times a charm."  HA!  AND... a few days later - A Wednesday I believe, I was driving Dani home from Softball practice.  That's right... I see lights in my rear view mirror.  Oh no... oh no, oh no...  Out loud I say, "Oh Dani - a 3rd time, I can't believe it."  I pull over - and a fire truck ZOOMS past.  "Oh it's a fire - praise the Lord."  HA!  Sound odd I'm sure - but I've never been so happy to see a fire truck. 

There is an inside story to all of this - that someday God will reveal.  He is faithful and just... helping me to see people's true colors in all this.  I am happy to say that I am walking with him and doing the best I know how with what he has given me.  Praise the LORD I've never been in the back of a police car - other then during a school field trip.  But by the grace of God.