Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Closet

Well -- now -- that's probably not exactly what you are thinking... I'm pretty sure.

I bet my family DOES have things hidden in a closet -- but what about a FAMILY CLOSET at my house -- where the whole family has their stuff in ONE PLACE!!

My on-line friend Ginger has a family closet at her place and I was just drooling reading about it on her blog. Isn't that the coolest idea or WHAT? (I'm assuming you clicked on the link and read her post).

I want one.

Do you?

Where would you put one?  My laundry room is upstairs -- our folded laundry sits in the hallway and it's annoying, until it gets pulled too and fro so much that it ends up back in the dirty clothes -- and I know it's not dirty because it's still partially folded... but alas... after sitting in a basket with dirty underware -- it now does not smell spring clean.  :gag:  So I must re-wash it... or the wearer of said stinky still folded clothes would highly offend people that day.

We've got the room... I've got a guest bedroom--- and a classroom and a den that I could somehow blend together.  I EVEN have a girls room right across from teh laundry room that I could use and I could put the girls in the guest bedroom.  Hmm...  thinking... thinking...  The guests could sleep somewhere else.  The classroom maybe, and then, then... we could put all the books in the den.  I'd have to prune a few books... WAIT A MINUTE... I could put some books in the FAMILY CLOSET... books on one side... the clothes on the other side of the room.  Oh my word... I'm getting all excited!! 

I LOVE this idea Ginger --- you know what else?  I love sharers... Ginger is a sharer... I've asked someone to teach me to make home made noodles... it's never happened... and here Ginger shares her pictures of her Family Closet -- and I didn't even have to ask. 

What a gal!  Ü