Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you like to read about school?

Here is what I have planned for school this year.

Tori - 8th grade.

F.U.F.I. I hate acronymns. LOL Ok... well -- hate is a very strong word. Good grief... don't google that one. Bleck. Anyway. Further Up and Further In This is what Tori will be using for her 8th grade year. The web-site says this... "This rich study is based on C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. It covers a wide range of subjects, including English and literature, history and social studies, geography, science, Bible and character building, cooking, and art."

Tori and I have been struggling with SAXON Math. I mentioned this to a friend. She recommended KEYS TO series. She had one of her kiddos do those for a while and really nailed those math facts. I've decided that I don't really like the "spiral" approach to math. Or the Incremental method. I want the learn this and practice it until you get it, then we'll go on. No merry-go-round stuff for us. We are taking a year off from the packaged "stuff" and going to go with the Keys To Series. We are going to STICK this math and get it. Really get it. Then start highschool math stuff in 9th grade.

She'll also still do handwriting. After 7 years of handwriting, she thought she was done. Ahh ha ha ha! Fooled her. I found this neat book in my Rainbow Resource Catalog. That catalog is a GOD SEND b.t.w. Wowza... what took me so long to find that? It's amazing. OK -- back on track. Character Italics. They use the Getty-Dubay Italic handwriting, but have "character" stuff in it. It's for 5th graders... just don't tell Tori. She'll never know. OK -- she can read... maybe I'll embelish her workbook with stickers or something, before I give it to her.

Bible she will be doing her ProTeen memory work and daily Mana book. b.t.w. if there are any local teens out there... well - Parents of teens out there, this ProTeens is the BEST thing I have seen for teens. This is not an entertainment type deal. It gets them into God's Word. A discipleship program. Learn the Word. Figure out how to apply it to your life. Memorize scripture. Serve others. I really like it. Earn points through out the year. Tori has learned a lot and grown tremendously. Of course... you only get as much out as you put in. But there aren't any crazy games, and wild parties... just God's word. They call the youth group ProTeens... they also meet once a month. Do after game activities together. But the emphasis is not on entertainment with this group. I truly love it for my kids!

She will still be doing spelling as well. I've got a spelling CD we got from Costco. We go all out for our kiddos, I tell ya. It has several grades on one CD. She'll be thrilled. (Not really). I've noticed her spelling has gotten better the older she gets and the more she cares about it. We really struggled for a while. She's getting there. So -- we are still going to do spelling... even in 8th grade.

That's it... the basics.

More tomorrow -- that'll be the Ambleside Online stuff. I need a new word. How many times did I use the word stuff in this post. Probably 1 too many.