Monday, August 10, 2009

Did I tell you about the Pool?

Dan found a pool on craig's list. (Love that list). $500. It's about 20 years old. So the folks took it down... we took all their stuff... and put it back up in our yard. Sounds easy enough.

SNORT!! Oh wow... did I just snort?

It was HARD WORK! Dan prepared the ground... it the hottest part of the summer. Crazy... since it is now August and it hasn't been as hot as it was in those 2 weeks in May. Someone mentioned to us that it is our fault it has been cool this summer. We put up a pool. Funny.

So here it is -- the finished product. It came with a heater... but we sold it. Yeah, silly I know... who knew we would need a HEATER in JUNE!!??!! He sold it for $250. Made that pool a bit cheaper. We did buy a new liner... but hey -- very cheap permanent pool.

We fed our friends who came to help, us on memorial day. I think we still owe them a meal or two... they worked HARD. And it rained while they were there. We just kept on working.
I've got proof... see my hair? It's been rained on. I'm so glad Necole is still smiling... this was at the end of the day.

I seem to have gotten the photos out of order... Here we were working on putting in the liner. It was the next day. The hard part was putting up that crazy wall. Well - the really hard part was leveling the hard clay underneath the pool. Well -- the really, really hard part was installing those cement blocks that the uprights stand on and getting them all level and the right distance apart.

But -- all's well that ends well... reminds me of a story. I'll be back soon to talk about Shakespeare... a few of us will be doing Ambleside Online for school this year. I'm so excited... I just can't hide it... reminds me of a song.