Friday, February 14, 2014

A Ransom Note - again totally fiction...

$1,000 or you won't ever see your cat again!!

Well - that's unfortunate.  "I hope they enjoy the cat, I was thinking as I opened the front door."  The above note was taped to my front door and wondering who ever thought I would pay $1000 for a cat.  It's an outdoor cat.  I'm certain this cat - whom the kids named Joey is #24.  Cats are disposable around here. 

So - now I'm worried - there is a mad person wandering around with a cat.  They are mad because they assume I love my cat.  Cat are really mice catchers.  That' all.  They are very good at it - even though they stay outside of my house - no mouse ever enters my domain.  It's a wonderful arrangement.  I feed it some cheap cat food - spend $5 a month pretty much. (I big bag will last 2 months).  It hates the cheap food - so it supplements it's diet with mice.  Win/Win!

Now... how do I go about finding another cat. 

I wonder if I need to call the humaine society about the mad man with a stolen cat? 

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  1. That does seem to be a bit steep for an outdoor cat. Hmmm....I wonder how long it will take the cat napper to realize he is asking too much?


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